I think I married the wrong man. I’m still in love with an ex-boyfriend and we talk only once in awhile and just let each other know when we are thinking about it other. I wish that I didn’t regret my marriage.

My wife refuses to get rid of tupperware. The drawer won’t close anymore. Every two weeks, I secretly throw one piece into the recycling bag. It makes me inordinately happy.

And I took a deep breath, hoping for an endless dream.

I regret not fighting to save myself. I regret going back to him. I regret keeping in contact with him. I regret not telling him how I felt. I regret keeping it a secret. I regret going along with it instead of leaving him sooner.
– Posted by Anonymous. (via survivorssharingsecrets)

Anonymous said: My only friends tease me to the brink of tears, but if I break it off with them, I'm afraid I'll explode and show them all, I want a future, a future that's not in a phsyciatrist's office.

I’ve posted this to the blog, but just so you know, they aren’t considered friends if they make you unhappy to the point of tears. Get some new friends because it’ll benefit you in the long run.

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